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Here we talk about innovation, agile methods, development, and sometimes even serious things.

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Artists, much less singers, are seldom quoted for their business advice. Naturally, this is the prerogative of leading CEOs such as Steve Jobs or the likes of Henry Ford, and even political or religious figures such as Churchill or Dalai Lama. However, although they come from various industries, these people share common ground in the […]

Best Practices in Organisation There are too many companies that wish to take control of all levels, and thus increase their workload automatically. I will plainly illustrate this section by using the following example: a company CEO was complaining that he lacked time to achieve all his projects. After a close analysis of his tasks, […]

A Tale of Innovation or Why a Company Cannot Exist without Reinventing Its Business Model! I often have to explain the reasons why a company must innovate not only in terms of its product line, but also when it comes to reinventing its business model. I have lost count of how many times I was […]

Everybody has a TO-DO list in his pocket. It is quite useful since it allows you to remember your tasks and eventually to prioritize them. The problem with TO-DO lists is that they are endless. You have to learn how to say “NO” and postpone certain tasks forever. Take your TO-DO list, choose 10% of […]

The term “chronophagous” is a compound adjective made of the Greek prefix chrono (i.e. time) and the suffix phágos (i.e. to eat). Consequently, it makes references to a “time-consuming” action. And we all know quite a few time-consuming processes surrounding us. Have you ever got at the end of your work day and realized the following: […]

From Useless Gifts… During the festive season, companies usually offer their clients various promotional gifts, quite useless in fact, but inevitably a source of attraction since the company’s logo is imprinted on such trinkets. These gifts shall become the common watchword the next few weeks from pens to average memory sticks and even snow balls. […]

Disruption Management: Theoretical Framework Nowadays, we are constantly connected to the world around us either by mobile phones, Twitter or Facebook accounts, email and texting: all those tools make it possible for us to react instantly and for our own benefit. However, if your profession is unrelated to communication, this will disrupt you in your daily […]

Time management is the core foundation of any successful achievement. I am not only referring to a business environment: time’s flow underpins all human endeavours. Time is a resource that each of us is using in equal shares. While we cannot control and “save” more time, we can nevertheless manage the use we make of […]


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