From Useless Gifts…

During the festive season, companies usually offer their clients various promotional gifts, quite useless in fact, but inevitably a source of attraction since the company’s logo is imprinted on such trinkets. These gifts shall become the common watchword the next few weeks from pens to average memory sticks and even snow balls. Each and every one of them shall end in the trash bag or, in the very best case, somewhere in a drawer. What a waste of money!

I have recently got an advert claiming the following: “Boost your employees’ motivation! Imprint pens with your company’s logo!” Well, this is undoubtedly the solution to turnover problems in any company!

…To Saving Lives

On a more serious note, I suggest you do the following thing: stop imprinting those dreadful knick-knacks! Use your promotional budget and transfer it to the Red Cross (or to any other organisation) to help the Philippines. You may also want to transfer some of your company’s profit as well while you are at it.

For motivational purposes, please bear in mind that in some countries, gifts benefit from annual tax exclusion and the Red Cross may also grant you a certificate in this respect.


#MoreImportantThanGift Campaign for the Philippines
Credit: Gary Yim /

#MoreImportantThanGift Campaign for the Philippines

Please SHARE this idea around you as companies are spending RIGHT NOW their promotional gift budgets while people are dying RIGHT NOW in the Philippines. Talk to your company about it! The humanitarian campaign will be using #MoreImportantThanGift hashtag.